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emerging issues in international law (LAW 810)

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INSCT Research Center (Law 822)


Refugee Law (Law 831)


Refugee Law Presentation Week 1

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Afghanistan & Pakistan (PAI 626)


Law & War (PSC 700)


Example Student Research & Mentorship


2017 Project: “Understanding Interdisciplinary Responses to International Terrorism & Violent Extremisms”

On April 28, 2017, students in INSCT Director of Research Corri Zoli’s National Security and Counterterrorism Research Center presented research findings in the workshop “Understanding Interdisciplinary Responses to International Terrorism & Violent Extremisms” at SU College of Law. The students’ work was the culmination of a semester-long partnership with Emory University, George Washington University, and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Strategic Partnerships with Colleges and Universities.

Brittney Clark


Kaitlyn Degnan


Brittani Howell


Zachary Lucas and Pauline Mabie


Lauren Lyons


Mahmoud Farouk


Charles Midkiff


Ethan Peterson


Liad Roytfarb

Katherine Russell


Sarah Wheeler

Islam & IHL
Muslim State Armed Conflict & Compliance (MSACC) Dataset: 1947-2014

Warrior-Scholar Project

The Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) empowers enlisted military veterans by providing them with a skill bridge that enables a successful transition from the battlefield to the classroom; maximizes their education opportunities by making them informed consumers of education, and increases the confidence they will need to successfully complete a rigorous four-year undergraduate program at a top-tier school.

WSP Board of Academic Advisors (Corri Zoli, Chair)

WSP Press Release Announcing Board of Academic Advisors (Feb. 17, 2016)

Enriching Academic Life for Veterans (SU Magazine | Spring 2017)

Corri Zoli ’91, G’93, G’04 knows intimately the paradox at the heart of America’s support for its all-volunteer military. “We often talk about ‘supporting veterans’ without really thinking about what that means,” says Zoli, co-author of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at SU report Missing Perspectives: Servicemembers’ Transition from Service to Civilian Life (with IVMF’s Rosalinda Maury and Florida State University professor Danny Fay). “We know very little about the veterans in our midst. We thank them for their service—but too often that’s where the conversation ends” …

WSP Curriculum Summer 2017

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Syllabus 2017

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